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About Lion Legion

Hi, my name is Mike, and together with some of my family, we run Lion Legion.

We started Lion Legion a few years ago and aimed it primarily at Forces Veterans. But we found over the years that many of our designs appealed to a much wider audience and so now we cater for almost anyone who has a great sense of humour, loves movies, is probably a bit patriotic and is proud to be called 'British'.

Lion Legion represents what we know to be the best of being British; that stalwart spirit of being able to endure any hardship, all with a huge smile on your face.



Mike Armstrong

mike armstrong lion legion

Mike served 17 years in the Royal Navy, first on Submarines, then as a Commando Helicopter Pilot (got tired of drowning), before becoming a Director in the Virgin group of companies.

He created Lion Legion after becoming frustrated after seeing the poor-quality items he received after shopping online and was convinced that he could do a better job of it. He is responsible for development within Lion Legion and for coming up with new product ideas.

Mike is extremely proud of Lion Legion's wonderful reputation. It's what makes him very happy to be doing this job. That, combined with the ability to work closely with some of his lovely family, stops him from retiring!

FUN FACT: Mike had a pet monkey when he was a young boy living in Singapore.


Louie Armstrong 

lewis armstrong

Louie manages the day to day running of Lion Legion, overseeing production, marketing and all customer interaction. He spent his professional career in leadership roles for a number of organisations big and small, taking redundancy in the first of the COVID lockdowns; he has never looked back and is enjoying the journey of running a business and spending more time with Mike and his family.

Proud of the reputation for good quality and service Lion Legion has created so far, Louie is keen to keep pushing the brand into new spaces, with new products, whilst staying true to the core values of Lion Legion.

When Louie isn’t working he is usually spending time with his family; his wife, two children and two pugs. He enjoys a good movie and is a bit of a geek at heart.

FUN FACT: Louie has an irrational fear of Bananas


Sarah Armstrong 

sarah armstrong

Sarah is the newest member of the team and runs our customer service department. Before being mum, Sarah spent her time as a recruitment coordinator for a global organisation prior to moving on to being a customer experience manager in the travel industry. This wealth of knowledge allows us to give our customers the very best in service and communication.

Sarah jumped at the chance to join Mike and Louie in the business and has made a massive improvement in the customer service department.

When Sarah isn’t working she enjoys a good murder documentary and a nice home cooked meal by Louie.

FUN FACT: Sarah met Louie when she interviewed him for a sales role.



The common thing we share, that makes us stand out from every other country, is our sense of humour and an inherent pride in our Nation. It's how we get the job done during difficult times.

What Do Lion Legion Stand For?

Lion Legion champions these qualities and traits:

  • Pride in our Nation, history and of our service to the people
  • Celebrating our unique sense of humour by creating products that will continue to put a smile on our customers' faces
  • Pride in doing a job right; no excuses, no 'waffle', no retreats

Why 'Lion Legion'? - What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us?

The Lion of course represents all those great British traits; strength, courage, bravery and protection of the family and comrades. The Legion is what binds all of us together.



As an organisation we stopped donating to charity because some of our customers didn't like some of the charities we were donating to. We decided, therefore, that as owners we would make our own personal donations. Mike donates to the Royal British Legion because they helped him a lot when he was injured and had to leave the Navy. Rest assured that none of us own big fancy cars or palaces; we just enjoy doing this more than eating Marmite sandwiches.