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About Lion Legion

Hi, my name is Mike, and together with some old Forces buddies and extended First-responder family, we run Lion Legion.

Lion Legion represents what we know to be the best of being British; that stalwart spirit of being able to endure any hardship, all with a huge smile on your face.

Our Background

Personally, I served 17 years in the Royal Navy, first as a Submariner Engineer, then as a Commando Helicopter Pilot. I worked within the British Army (Lynx Pilot), taxied Royal Marines around for a living, and trained and worked at several RAF Stations, so I know our Services well.

My business partner and co-owner, Matt (a former 'Squaddie'), wants to stay out of the limelight so he takes care of a lot of the back-end logistics. You'll have to make do with just seeing his photo (he's the ugly one on the left). Matt served 24 years in the British Army before joining the Police Force.

Our aim is to bring together a fantastic range of clothing, housewares, drinkware (Royal Navy just woke up at that one!) and other items that will be loved by serving or retired Veterans of the British Forces, their friends, family and supporters.

None of our Team are famous; you won't see us on the TV, shouting at poor civilians going through mock SAS selection. But we are proud of our Service to our Nation and its Community, and we believe we are fairly typical of the millions of other people who have proudly served before us and the families and friends who supported them so well.

When I look at my own Service life and talk to my friends and family (many of whom served in the British Forces, Fire Service, Ambulance Service, National Health and Police Force), the common thing that makes us stand out from every other country is our sense of humour and an inherent pride in our Nation. It's how we get the job done during difficult times.

What Do Lion Legion Stand For?

Lion Legion champions these qualities and traits:

  • Pride in our Nation, history and of our service to the people
  • Celebrating our unique sense of humour by creating products that will continue to put a smile on our customers' faces
  • Pride in doing a job right; no excuses, no 'waffle', no retreats

Why 'Lion Legion'? - What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us?

The Lion of course represents all those great British traits; strength, courage, bravery and protection of the family and comrades. The Legion is what binds all of us together; the different Services don't always work together, but they would identify as sharing a common bond; THE LEGION.

Donations To Charity

As an organisation we stopped donating to charity because some of our customers didn't like some of the charities we were donating to. We decided, therefore, that as owners we would make our own personal donations. Personally, I donate to RBL because they helped me a lot in the past and my War Pension would be much lower than it is without their help. Rest assured that none of us own big fancy cars or palaces (I don't own a car OR a house!); we just enjoy doing this more than burpees.

PS - We know there are plenty 'walts' out there, so if you want to make sure of our validity, just send us an email with your phone number and either Matt or myself will give you a call. Within seconds of chatting, you'll know that we are genuine Veterans.

PPS - We are nothing to do with the Royal British Legion charity.